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We're ARETE (AHR-A-TEY) noun: Highest level of excellence; one's maximum potential.

Arete Throws Nation®, is your #1 resource for Shot Put & Discus Throws coaching. Here you can learn the Throwing Chain Reaction®- a 6 Pillar Training System, that is dedicated to coaches and throwers who want to take their career to highest level.

For coaches, this is a life long journey of continued education, and striving to master the science behind the throw.

For throwers, it is pure dedication to master technique, and never losing the motivation to study the throw and all its parts:



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Welcome to the Arete Family…. we’d love for you to be a part of it! 

Coach Johnson

Founder - Head Coach

Jennifer Johnson

Mrs Arete | TCR® Member Services | Marketing | & CEO of the tribe of Arete Monkeys


THROWING CHAIN REACTION® SYSTEM (TCR®) – designed by Coach Erik Johnson- assists coaches and throwers, of all levels, not only learn more about the shot put and the discus throw, but also provides a simple step-by-step coaching tool that will develop throwers faster and enable them to have longer careers.

The TCR® consists of hours of shot put, glide shot and discus tutorial videos and downloadable coaching tools, and is a fully comprehensive throws coaching system.  Each technical aspect of a throw is broken down into 6 Pillars, the foundation that throws coaching is built on.  The consistency of terminology, and the simplicity of how to use the TCR® system, allows throws coaches and throwers alike, to comprehend this technically complex sport easily; resulting in

  • FASTER results
  • more EFFICIENT training times
  • Easily coach DIFFERENT LEVELS of throwing ability
  • SAVE TIME through streamlined workouts and practices
  • PRs are GUARANTEED; many throughout the season!

“My husband and I have been coaching the throws together for about 30+ years. I threw at UNC and we have twin boys that are now throwing at the high school where we now coach together. We have both always been about proper mechanics and drills: good technique can’t be beat. So we love your site/videos etc. It has all played a major factor on getting us re-focused, so thanks.”

Coaches Kelly & Paul KowalchickTCR™ Members/ N. Carolina, USA